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hp20in20's Journal

Harry Potter 20 in 20
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about; Inspired by food20in20, starwars20in20, startrek20in20 and others like them. Welcome to HP20in20. 20 Harry Potter related icons in 20 days.

Your mods are currently bangel_4e, erinm_4600 and starry_night
if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me :)

{You can chose ONE of the following each month: any character from the HP movies.
{You may not choose the same claim two rounds in a row, however every third round is fine.
{You can only sign up with one character per round/month. Only exception is if someone wanted to claim the Weasley Twins.
{All icons must be new and specifically for that particular round.
{All icons must fit LJ standards. Animation is not allowed.
{Icons must be kept to a level of PG.
{If you are linking back to your journal or community: ALL POSTS MUST REMAIN PUBLIC UNTIL WINNERS ARE POSTED.
{Up to three teaser icons.

{Each month/round, you will be given 10 themes, 5 categories and 5 artists choice.
{Themes: Similar to a 100 icon challenge.
{Categories: These will have something in common.
{Artists Choice: Self-explanatory. Your choice. Basic rules apply.

{Themes will be posted on the 1st of each month, voting will be posted on the 21st, tiebreakers/winners will be posted soon after. Sign ups are usually up around the same time as the voting.
{Themes will be individually voted upon.
{To keep all of this organized; all voting will be in separate posts.
{Even though the posts will be public, no voting for yourself or getting others to vote for you.

profile. // become a banner maker. // layout.

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