Cassandra (narniacmr) wrote in hp20in20,

Co-mods and banner-makers needed

dragonflyopera has had to step down from modding this comm. :(
So we are in need of at least one new co-mod!

Co-mod jobs include: Posting sign-ups, rules/themes, reminders, voting, and results.

Since there are a few mods you only have to do one or two a month and if you can't do one month there are others to do the jobs :)

No experience is neccessary.

Co-mod apps are now closed! Thanks to everyone who applied :)

Please fill out this form to apply:

You can sign up to be a banner-maker at any time :)

If you would like to sign up as a banner-maker please fill out this form:

All comments are screened :)
Tags: !mod post

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